Saturday, August 8, 2009

Project 3000 Video Log #1

We've been very busy the past few weeks with more tutorials, but we decided to take a little time during a rainy period to put together the first episode of our Project 3000 Video Log Series. This series began at the end of the Summer of 2008 when we first started working on the new designs for the new rocket.

The design was built around the idea of lifting a fairly hefty payload inexpensively to high altitudes while recording video and logging payload data. The requirements for the payload required us to use a larger tube for the payload section, so we decided to use ordinary soda bottles for the new rocket. A side benefit of using ordinary soda bottles was that it would eliminate criticisms that our FTC rockets had advantages over "pop bottle" rockets.

Prior to the inception of the project, we had been experimenting around with a new camera design based on the controller which will be showing up in the next generation of a famous mobile device. This design is much more advanced than our last one and has programmable resolution and bit rate. The appeal of the new design is that we can take video in any resolution including Full 1080p HD video.

The first Video Log describes the origin of Project 3000, and shows off our very first test flight. This flight was launched in December of 2008 on the day after Christmas. We gained a lot of experience with cold weather launching and the new HD onboard video showed us some issues with the design that we want to investigate.

We took the footage filmed that day and over the past few months and we put together the Video Log series. We hope you enjoy these videos and will subscribe to our channel and of course leave comments!

Enjoy the video!!!!

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