Saturday, October 18, 2014

PL Premium now available in 4oz Tube!

Our friend Bugwubber on the WRA2 Water Rocket Forum ( recently discovered that PL Premium Construction Adhesive is available in a small re-sealable tube! We located the small tube at our local home improvement store, and confirmed it is available from online merchants like and others. The part number to order is: Osi Sealants/henkel Adhesives #1451588.
This new packaging option may make it easier for Water Rocket makers around the globe to obtain this adhesive where it was previously unavailable or cost prohibitive to ship due to the large and heavy caulk cartridge container. This small tube is perfect for water rockets because the screw-on cap prevents the unused potion from curing when not in use.

You may find that the 4oz tube is too small if you follow the obsolete and wasteful splicing tutorials that have been copied over and over since the late 20th century, but this 4oz tube is perfect for the efficient splices that we created for our rockets. You can see our tutorial for splicing using our modernized technique on our YouTube Channel at the following link:
The new splicing method has been repeatedly tested and can hold around 200PSI if you take your tine and follow the splice instructions closely. Pressure testing of the new splice is available at this link:
Using this splice technique, this 4oz tube should be enough to build more than 10 very large water rockets, similar to the one shown in this video:

We hope that this new packaging proves useful to our friends overseas where PL Premium has been hard to obtain. Let us know what you think!