Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Water Rocket Boosted Glider Experiment.

We recently discovered a way to easily adapt our Radial Parachute Recovery System so that it can be used to release a payload module carried along the side of the Water Rocket Airframe. Our first thought was to use this as a way to take a Paper Glider to a very high altitude, and then release it.
We improved further on this concept when we realized that a rubber band could be used to forcefully fire the Paper Glider away from the Water Rocket when it is released.
We took this concept and mocked it up and performed a number of ground tests on it to see how well it would work, before we did an actual test flight. With a number of really promising tests conducted, we then decided to perform a test flight.
We added several cameras to the rocket so we could see the plane from different angles, and with any luck some dramatic footage of the plane in flight. Then we armed the system and prepared for launch.
In this video, we show the concept in more detail, and then we want to hear your opinion. Do you think it will Fail or Fly? Post your ideas in the comments section of this video, and we may use your comments in the results video, which will be published at the end of the week.
Get your comments in now, and let us know. Will it Fail or Fly!

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