Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Free 3D Printable Soda Bottle Adapters

Many people have discovered that 2 liter soda bottles can be used to store compressed air and used in places where "canned air" is typically used. Dusting electronics and airbrushing are just some of the uses people have used homemade soda bottle air tanks for. Some of the more inventive people out there have created arrays of soda bottles to increase their tank capacity. Some of these people have even realized that they can increase the volume of their individual air tanks by joining multiple bottles together using our bottle splicing technique.
The usual method for making an air tank involves drilling holes in the bottle caps and then attaching a rubber hose fitting to the hole. This technique is time consuming and can leak air. Fortunately, people wishing to find a better way to do this have another option: the U.S. Water Rockets Soda Bottle to 3/8" NPT Pipe Adapter!
These adapters were created so that we could more easily pressure test our water rockets or for burst testing of bottles, and we still use them for this purpose. But these adapters are a great solution for making a soda bottle compressed air tank farm! You can use them for either of these purposes, and probably a lot more functions that we have not even thought of!
The files and instructions are available for download on our Thingiverse page. Enjoy!

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