Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tutorial: How to Build a High Power Water Rocket

This week we have published a lengthy tutorial that discusses a number of methods which we have developed over the past 12 years of building High Power Water Rockets. As the World Record holding Team, we have learned a lot, and we've decided that publishing a tutorial on the subject should generate interest in building more rockets like these, and will hopefully help generate more interest in Water Rocketry.
This is a very complex subject, and it involves a lot of techniques that have never been duplicated by anyone else. As this is such a involved subject, we have broken the tutorial into a number of different topics which will spread the material out over a multiple part video series. Each "episode" will explain in detail a specific aspect of High Power Water Rockets, and go into detail with instructions showing different methods for making the various components.
Each video will include detailed diagrams to show you the techniques and instructions as clearly as we know how, in addition to actual build and testing footage of some of our famous Water Rockets, which you may have seen on the internet or on Mythbusters. 

The first episode of the series is linked below. If you appreciate the effort that goes into making these videos, please click on the like buttons, subscribe, and leave us some feedback with your comments and suggestions. Stay tubed for more videos and updates.

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