Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3D Water Rocket Video Tutorial

A while ago, we created a Dual Camera Rig, which is used to make 3D Videos and Photos, and we used it to take a number of 3D videos of our experimental Water Rocket launches. Since the weather has been too cold for conducting experiments, we decided to catch up on some of these older projects which we documented but never formally published.
On our website, we have released a new tutorial, showing you how we built the 3D Camera Rig, and how to use it. We also included some instructions for how to combine the 3D photos and videos you take with the 3D Camera Rig into stunning 3D images you can view with Red/Blue 3D glasses and YouTube Videos you can view with one of several 3D viewing options available on YouTube. They even have modes that you can use with no glasses at all (sometimes called "crosseyed" viewing).
You can read the tutorial at the following link:
We have also compiled a short video montage of High Definition 3D Video clips which we have recorded over the past few years using the 3D Camera Rig. Check out the 3D video samples on our YouTube Channel below:
We hope you enjoy the 3D Videos, and would love to see any videos that you create using our 3D Camera Rig concept.

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