Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Announcing the publication of the plans to the Top Secret U.S. Water Rockets Launcher Release Mechanism

We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary since U.S. Water Rockets was founded by releasing our top secret Water Rocket launcher release mechanism! That's right, it's been 10 years since we first decided to capture the Water Rocket World Altitude Record (but we were involved with the hobby off and on before that) and we have decided to celebrate by revealing the design of our greatest launcher release mechanism. We are proud to bring you the U.S. Water Rockets Split Collar Cable Tie Release Mechanism and Quick Release Clamp!

This new design is incredibly efficient at restraining and launching high pressure water rockets, and does so very easily. If it works that well for advanced water rockets, it obviously works great for all other water rockets of any size and pressure.
The best part of the design is that it is really easy to make, and does not require any fancy tools or trade skills to build. It also is very inexpensive!
To learn more about this new launcher design, please click the link below to read the article on our main website and read the history. There, you can also watch the video presentation we have created for this launcher, and see the construction tutorial we have created to help assist in the fabrication of this new design!

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