Sunday, April 21, 2013

Video Tutorial: Making a 22mm Launch Tube with O-ring seal

Our latest Tutorial Video details the process of creating a Launch Tube for Water Rockets which may be used with different styles of launchers and release mechanisms. The tutorial shows the construction of a 22mm diameter PVC Launch Tube, but the process can be adapted for Launch Tubes with virtually any diameter.

The 22mm Launch Tube in this construction tutorial is ideal for use with unrestricted nozzles such as the mouth and neck of soft drink bottles typically used to make Water Rockets, and is the ideal size for high altitude flights which depend on maximum acceleration.

This video is the first in our launcher tutorial series, and will be followed up by other videos which will explain how to build various launchers using this design as the core.

You maye have seen this type of Launch Tube before in the web tutorial we published several years ago on our website. This video series is similar in design, but we have improved and simplified the process of making this Launch Tube in the years since we first produced the design. If you would like to see the original tutorial, you can find it on our website at the following link:

On our website, you will find that we have several other updated construction tutorials, and many more on the way. A complete list of all of our web tutorials can be seen at the following link:

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