Sunday, January 20, 2013

We have cleared the tower!!!

We are very pleased to report that the all new website has launched successfully and we have passed through Max-Q and all engines are at 100% power and are functioning nominally! A special shout-out to the ground crew who made this launch a success (especially with their graphics support and spell checking)

USWaterRockets launches their all-new Water Rocket websiteWe have a number of completed projects which must be written up, and a number of projects in various stages of completion which we will be documenting in the coming weeks. This journey is only beginning, and would not be possible without the support of our friends and family who put up with stacks of bottles and various electronics projects cluttering up the vehicle assembly building.

We will be posting updates as frequently as life and development schedules permit. You should see the updates appearing on our website mirrored on our blog at for those of you who would like to subscribe to an RSS feed to keep up with the site. Multiply has changed their company direction and is moving away from supporting groups like our Water Rockets group, so we have transferred all of the content from there onto the blog and expect it to disappear from multiply any day now (it is well past the day they said it would be gone). Members over there can continue to follow us by changing your bookmarks to the address.

use these water rocket social media badges on to connect with USWR!Because you have asked for more frequent updates, and given the amount of time it takes to prepare new articles for the site, we will be using various social media outlets to broadcast micro updates to keep you up to date. During the next few months, we will shape the timing and content of the social media updates based on the number of followers and their feedback.

To connect with USWR on social media, you can easily find the badges to connect with us on the top right corner of our main website located at: as well as individual buttons where you can forward your favoriate articles to your friends on each page.

 If you prefer URLs, you can get in touch and connect with us by clicking any of the following:

Thanks for the support!!!

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